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Spectris leverages BitSight’s SPM solution, improves view of risk across M&A and subsidiary network

About Spectris

Spectris was founded in 1915 by Sir Richard Fairey as the Fairey Aviation Company Ltd, with the original business of manufacturing seaplanes. Today, the company provides high-tech instruments, test equipment, and software for many of the world’s most technically demanding industrial needs. Spectris benefits from having competitive and differentiated offerings in attractive, tech-driven end markets.

BitSight’s role

Spectris looked to BitSight’s Security Performance Management (SPM) offering to address the challenges faced by the organization. BitSight’s solution provides the tools needed to help several lines of business decision makers, with little or no technology background, get a better view and visibility of the main challenges and problems.

Spectris gets cybersecurity information from an additional vulnerability management tool, but BitSight is now the driver to prioritize the most pressing issues from an external viewpoint on Spectris’s network. BitSight’s solution is used as a tool to fine-tune the process.


Anna-Lisa Miller

Group CISO at Spectris

“We need to be able to see reliable information, because sometimes information can be misleading”

— Anna-Lisa Miller, Group CISO at Spectris

Key Benefits

  • Clearer visibility of risk across M&A and subsidiary network;

  • Ability to prioritize actions that need to be taken;

  • Usable security score that indicates the strength of the program;

  • The company is able to use the BitSight rating to present itself as a trusted company to work with.

The Benefits

BitSight’s SPM solution was key to giving Spectris the ability to prioritize actions that had to be taken, namely by providing the means to understand where the main security issues could be found and prioritizing accordingly to use the business’s resources most efficiently. BitSight’s reporting metrics are now used monthly by all the executive teams for each subsidiary and are shared with the overarching Spectris board.

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Security Rating
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IT Performance
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Time spent on Maintenance

About BitSight

BitSight transforms how companies manage information security risk with objective, verifiable and actionable Security Ratings. Founded in 2011, the company built its Security Ratings platform to continuously analyze vast amounts of data on security issues. Seven of the largest 10 cyber insurers, 80 Fortune 500 companies, and 3 of the top 5 investment banks rely on BitSight to manage cyber risks.


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